02 March 2007

Ecma responded to OOXML contradictions

Ecma has responded to the issues raised by the national bodies during the 30-contradictions period in the fasttracking process.

The Ecma response in PDF form can be found here:
It also contains the issues raised by the national bodies.

Astounding is that the comments of the national bodies sometimes seem to be directly copied from the Grokdoc objections pages. The suggestions on that Grokdoc pages are mostly dubious at best with comment by for instance XML expert Rick Jelliffe on the discussion pages ignored.


Rob said...

Hi Albert,

Actually, that's just Ecma's summary of the NB comments. It isn't the full list of comments. So far as I can tell, no one has posted the full comments yet.


The Wraith said...

Rob, I see that I have been overenthausiastic.
However it does seem to be a pretty total list of issues raised in the reactions.

Anonymous said...

Remember that this is only the ECMA response. It may list all the ppoints raised by NB's but it does not include the NB reasoning and arguments... so is not the whole picture!